ED-50 Raid watch dog

ED-50 Raid watch dog

I want to ask

1. Design a total of four audio options:

The first paragraph~ No need for any induction, direct play water and frog bird called insects, let you feel like being in the wilderness, forest and garden.

The second paragraph【Radar wave detection of the invasion of criminals, immediately issued a ferocious wolf dog cry, drink resistance to criminals close.

The third paragraphVisitors to inform the function of the radar to detect off the door there are visitors to the water and the frog bird called insects notice.

The fourth paragraph~ 【Radar wave to detect the invasion of criminals, immediately issued a ferocious wolf dog sounds and alarm, drink resistance to criminals close.

2. six meters immediately felt, the more close to the radar anti-theft dog, the more ferocious call out.

3. Radar waves can penetrate any compartment, and even the walls can easily penetrate the sensor to someone near.

4. Free installation, easy to use, can be detected at any time to move any person and things.

5. Maintenance-free, do not have to spend a huge amount of money, can be 100% of the security of the security officer.

6. 365 days a year, every day to help you housekeeping, free feeding, no cleaning.

‧ Suitable places

Home, villas, dormitories, factories, shops, department stores, warehouses, corporate lines, offices, antique shops, galleries, aquaculture, orchid farming, banks, financial institutions, jewelery and silver ...

Introduction to the film - I

 Introduction to the film - II

Model ED-50
Material Plastics
Distance Can penetrate the wall about 6 meters
Music Four Paragraph
Dimensions L 15 x W13 x H19 cm
Weight 1.4 kg

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